Here’s what some parents have said about PaediaSure Shake…

Aisha Auckland

"I can't thank the company and the inventors enough... after less than 4 months of using the shakes we have stopped and all I hear now is... 'I'm hungry, can I have some more food?' Music to my ears!"

Lian Marie Hawkeswood

"My 2-year old son loves PaediaSure Shake and has one a day as his appetite is terrible; he just doesn't seem to have one! The doctors have ruled out everything else and put it down to him being a fussy eater so we tried this. He's looking much better and has more energy."

Nicola Allen

“I have a very fussy 8 year old little boy who barely eats anything apart from chicken nuggets! I noticed he didn’t have much energy; he even fell asleep in class one day so I decided to try PaediaSure Shake as I had seen it advertised on TV. We got the chocolate flavour as I know he loves chocolate milk, I made him a cup along with his 3 year old brother and they both loved it, drank the whole lot!


Claire Costa

“I found out PaediaSure Shake existed four months ago. I have a now 4-year old, who for the last year has been such a fussy eater. He has two shakes a day and it's like the hunger strike has gone. He has his weetabix in the morning and a shake; he eats lunch and dinner and a shake after. Before he would only eat a little at dinner. Thank you so much for this lovely product. I really wish I knew about it sooner.

Very happy mummy now xx”



“It's really easy to make. I was wondering how it would taste. We are more used to shakes being made with milk and these are water, but... they are really nice. I did of course try one just to see for myself and it tastes just like most milkshake drinks, very refreshing and full of flavour. Ryan really likes them too which is a bonus as it's him I worry about the most.”

“I will continue to give him the Paediasure as he likes it and I know it's helping give him the vitamins and goodness he needs.”

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“He hates having anything in his mouth with lumps so PaediaSure shakes are excellent as I know he is receiving the nutrition that I need him to have.”

“I was getting so stressed out and upset, every meal time was turning into a battle, we still have a few problems but he loves his shakes and I would definitely recommend them.”

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"Bean hasn't turned into Popeye with superhuman strength a week later, which obviously we weren't expecting, but his tummy troubles have significantly reduced, plus with the help of the eating plan he's more interested in food than ever before. Plus it's given me huge peace of mind to know that he's getting everything his body needs."



“We were sent the chocolate flavour to review and taste-wise it's been a big hit, tasting a bit like a chocolate milkshake.”

“I have to say that having the PaediaSure to help me ensure that LMC is really getting everything she needs has helped me relax a bit about them.”

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